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So what is your brand?  I’m not talking about what brand you sell, but how are you branding yourself?  We all know Jared as “Superman.”  Ricky Walters as UCR a.k.a., Used Car RickyKathi Kruse as Kathi Kruse sitting in the convertible.  Tracy Myers is always in the Uncle Sam hat.  Jeff Kershner has the same picture on every site as his profile picture.  When we see “Think Tank Tuesday”, we think of Paul Potratz.  The ‘Everyday I’m Hustlin'” of course is Craig Belowski.  When we see that crazy girl behind the wheel, we think of Renee Stuart.  You see the PCG in red and you think of Brian Pasche and his crew.  So what is your brand?

report was just released recently that an average Facebook user has over 600 social connections.  That is HUGE!  I also heard that 1 in 8 people on Facebook are looking for or are in the market for a new or used car.  That would mean that 75 of your “friends” are actually in the market for a new or used car.  Do they actually KNOW that you are in the car business?

All of our employees for the most part have Facebook, but are they leveraging it like they could?  Here are a few things that they can do.

  •   Set up a “like” page and create their own brand.
  •   Post a picture of a used car that was just taken in on trade.
  •   Post something that is out of the norm that the manufacturer is doing.

I know that for me personally have been afraid in the past to post car stuff on my personal page.  I would come across a personal article and would be hesitant to share it just due to the fact that so many of my “friends” on Facebook are non-auto industry people.  I know that they have Facebook set up to put people in different groups, but to be honest, I am not going to go through all 900+ of my friends and put them in different groups.  Facebook was just a little too late to that party.

An easy way to get around it is just to set up an automotive page.  If your “friends” are real friends, they will probably like your page.  I did this just under a month ago just to push automotive related topics to that page and keep my personal page just to personal everyday life.

What have you done to capitalize on social media?