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We all have an inspiration to be the best that we can be.  I hope that you all read for that inspiration.  We all have a different inspiration and drive to make us the best in the industry.  One thing that I have noticed over the years are how coaches are.  They for some reason give the best inspirational speeches ever.  As managers within the marketplace, we have to be like those coaches.  Take a look in the mirror and think about your sales meetings with your teams.  Here are a few tips that I like to take into account when having meetings with our team.

  • We have to give your team that inspiration to do better.
  • Have a plan when you go into your sales meetings.
  • Remember, the goal for sales meetings is to pump your team up, not brow beat them because of what may have or may not have happened the day prior.
  • Give praise to those who deserve it.  When given praise in public, that may just give that extra kick in their step while they are with that next customer.

I think we all have been in those meeting where we have just been worn down to where you just don’t want to work that day.  Think about that when you have your meetings with your team.  We all know that happy employees make happy customers.  Do you want them up and walking with a kick in their step or down walking with their head down when they walk out of your office or meeting room?